Monday, April 30, 2012

Face Details

Here is the evolution of her Face and Hair.

*added a little Better Side-by-Side Hair Concept*
yes, i know they look like crap; they were done on a whiteboard... that is just how it goes...

*added 3/25/12*
here is another concept for the hair... leaning toward the second
(crappy cell phone picture in crappy lighting , on newsprint)

*added 4/2/12*
Another Face and Hair concept. this will likely be the Final version... once i can nail down the eyes...
(she looks kinda creepy without pupils)
sorry about the super light lines... this image is not "done" so i haven't inked it yet
*Updated 4/3/12*
 the muses Took control last night, and i redid the face and Hair.
 Added Eyes, and  Now Have add the Final-ish version below.(with shading and everything!)

(Again,. crappy cell phone pic on Newsprint)

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