Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Concept Art

i Have been all over the place with my Drawings lately. so here ii Present you with Random Prototype For a Suit of Armor. 
(crappy Cell Phone Pic. VERY,Very early Concept) 
not even sure that this is going to be part of this project. but i figure i can throw it up here.

as a side note, i will be coming up with a new schedule for posting here. i have recently picked up a Time-suck Project... with it, work, and school... my schedule is pretty full.
i would, however, like to say that Project Diva is important to me, so i am not stopping, or shelving the project... simply moving pieces around to fit into my schedule.

Monday, May 7, 2012

no update this week

illness, school and other obligations prevented me from getting any significant work on the project done.
so, no update this week.

Casual Outfit

First Costume Concept. This is an idea for the casual outfit. Below is the More-or-Less Final Version.
two Layered Skirt, with Slip,
Knee-high Socks, 
Open Jacket,
Lace-edged Shirt.Slightly Higher than a V-Neck.(circa 3/14/12)